The CSRD Solution Finder

A step-by-step guide to selecting the right CSRD solution.

Screen around 100 CSRD solutions in minutes not weeks, and create an individualized list of solutions.

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A UBIRCH study questioned 150 companies about their CSRD solution and 74 different were named.

Screen around 100 CSRD solutions
in minutes, not weeks

Our guide includes:

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1. Save time in research

Make instantly use of months of our research
Our database includes almost 100 CSRD solution.
All the data is constantly updated and based on surveys and market data.
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2. Individualize your list

The guide includes access to our database
You can filter and sort the database fitting your needs
Filter include:
- Languages
- Price ranges
- CSRD service type
- Company info (number of employees, founding year)
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3. Set a list of good solutions

The guide will help you to finalize your long-list
In addition, it will include an outlook on how to advance
What aspects need to be considered to create a short-list.
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Access to the AtlasZero database of sustainability solutions.

Access to our database

The CSRD Solution Finder includes access to our database.
With this access, you will be able to filter and sort around 100 CSRD solutions.
The guide also includes a detailed step-by-step approach on how to use the database.

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A laptop showing the CSRD solution finder guide.

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Get the guide above, and screen around 100 CSRD solutions in minutes not weeks.
Through the access to our database you will be able to accelerate your process and save weeks, if not months in research.

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The guide will enable you to create a long list of solutions. The next step is then to narrow down the list of possible solutions.
Tap into the knowledge of AtlasZero, we will introduce you to our selection criteria and prepare you to narrow down and select the right solution yourself.

Here is some more info about our process.

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