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Gaining new clients through AtlasZero. Utopian city.
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How to be included in our CSRD products

All solutions that are listed on AtlasZero and have a CSRD service selected are automatically pushed to all related products.
Therefore, it is crucial that solutions select CSRD under the Service Specific Questions.

In addition, solutions that do not clearly mention their support with the CSRD reporting on their website or only offer a service that is CSRD compatible but not creating the report (excluding DMA offers) will not be included in the CSRD products.

How to rank well on AtlasZero.

At AtlasZero, our ranking system revolves around a completion score, a measure of the thoroughness of your solution profile. Achieving a perfect score of 100 entails filling out all the fields, propelling your solution to the top of every search category, including "All Solutions" and featured in other digital products like reports.

We're excited to announce that the completion scores will soon be visible to the public, allowing users to gauge the depth of information provided by each solution. A higher score translates to enhanced visibility and prominence within the AtlasZero ecosystem.

The best part? Boosting your solution's ranking doesn't necessitate creating a new entry. Simply refine and update existing entries to reflect the latest and most comprehensive details. We encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity to fine-tune your profile and amplify your presence.

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