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AFRY Management Consulting is the leading advisor for the transition of the energy and bioindustry sectors. As a sector-focused consultancy with a broad spectrum of services, our team of over 500 consultants, across 17 offices on 3 continents, provides strategic and operational advice, forward looking market analysis and transaction support underpinned by deep expertise and market insights. As part of AFRY, our team is backed by 16,000 engineers within infrastructure, process industries and energy who are at the cutting-edge of technology and have collective expertise that spans industries and geographies. Industries are changing at an unprecedented rate and our world is becoming infinitely more connected. Global shifts – towards fossil free and smart systems, transition from plastics to bio, need for operational excellence and digitalisation, decentralisation of markets, new strategies & products – bring both challenges and opportunities for all stakeholders. The pace of change will only increase in the years ahead. The transition is complex and stakeholders will face very different issues. AFRY’s team of Management Consultants brings deep insights and helps enable informed decisions for sustainable success.
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