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AWorld is the official platform in support of ACTNOW, the United Nations campaign for individual action on climate change and sustainability. We are on a mission to save our planet and only home. We know that no one can do it alone and that’s why we created AWorld. A platform where we can come together to learn, take action, connect to a global community and live sustainably one action at a time.
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Description of Measuring service
With our User Profile & Lifestyle Footprint Calculator powered by UNFCCC and Doconomy, AWorld uses cutting edge data & analytics to calculate each user’s specific carbon footprint based on four categories: Food, Transport, Home, and Shopping Behaviors. We go beneath the surface with questions that give you an initial understanding of your carbon emissions in each category and use that information to meet you where you are in your sustainability journey. The AWorld experience will continue to refine users footprint through additional questions as they continue through the experience.
e-Learning, sustainable employees
Description of Reduction service
After figuring out exactly where you are on your sustainability journey and providing you with the awareness to understand the big picture, we introduce you to new actions you can take each day to decrease your footprint and measure your progress in terms of CO2, water, waste and kindness. We also invite you into a gamified experience with challenges and discussions, where our AWorld community comes together to take real action against Climate Change, share ideas and move forward together.
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Description of Compensation service
Through multiple partners that offer reliable and certified offsetting solutions
Description of Communication service
AWorld allows you to engage all your stakeholders and make them a part of the transition, aligning them to your ESG and NetZero strategy and unlocking the power of your organization to fight climate change. Stakeholder Engagement is the process by which an organization involves the people who are affected by the decisions it makes or have influence over the implementation of those decisions. Stakeholders may vote on decisions, have key decisions making powers in the organization or within the community where it operates, hold official positions or be affected in the long run. It’s important to rally stakeholder engagement around sustainability because we need every part of an organization to blaze the trail forward to fight climate change.