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Carbonfact is Carbon Management Software tailored specifically for the fashion industry. Our platform enables apparel, luxury, and footwear brands to measure, report, and reduce emissions without the complexity. Features include streamlined Carbon Accounting, ensuring compliance with GHG Protocol and regulatory standards, comprehensive Product LCA for SKU-level environmental impact measurement, and product modeling for supply chain decarbonization. Unlike traditional methods that rely on manual data collection, Carbonfact utilizes advanced algorithms and machine learning techniques to fill data gaps and prioritize data collection. This approach ensures accurate and comprehensive assessments of carbon footprints, even in complex fashion supply chains. With Carbonfact, companies save time, stay compliant with regulations like CSRD and DPP, and drive effective decarbonization strategies. Therefore, it is not just a carbon accounting tool; it's an extension of the brand’s sustainability team.
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supply chain compliance, Net Zero Strategy, ESG data, CSRD reporting, GHG, SBTi targets, calculate carbon footprint, Life Cycle Assessment
Description of Measuring service
Carbonfact’s measuring service starts with a screening session to understand the brand’s operations and allocate activities to GHG Protocol Scopes. We validate data, identify emission reduction actions, and fill data gaps using fashion-specific databases and machine learning. Our engine calculates CO2e footprint, breaks down product lifecycle emissions, and generates ESG reports for compliance with regulations like CDP, CSRD, and more. We adhere to the GHG protocol, ISO standards, and the European Commission’s PEF standard for complete compliance.
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Description of Reduction service
Carbonfact supports apparel and footwear brands in identifying optimal opportunities to reduce their environmental impact. We assist in developing decarbonization strategies and SBTi trajectories to achieve environmental targets. Our sophisticated simulation tools enable brands to conduct "what-if" scenarios at the catalog level, simulating initiatives such as an increase in renewable energy or reducing air freight. Carbonfact facilitates product eco-design by allowing brands to make changes to materials, suppliers, and components within the tool.
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