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Carbotech Inc. is a leading consultancy company in the field of * Environmental and Sustainability Consulting (incl. life cycle analyses, material and energy flow analyses, reporting etc. ) * Asbestos, PCB and other pollutants and site decontamination . Carbotech AG was founded in 1987 in Basel. Our core activities are focussed on the sectors «Environ-mental and sustainability Consultation» and «Pollutants». In the sector of environmental and sustainability consultation, we provide a sound base for decision-making in the form of life cycle assessments, material flow analysis and system analysis. We further ac-company international environmental projects and support clients in developing sustainability strate-gies, implementing measures to reach their aims and monitoring and communicating progress and out-comes. Our team working in the pollutant sector measures gases, airborne fibrous and other particles, analyses material samples and develops measures to prevent and reduce pollution. The pollutant team investigates air pollution in buildings and takes on the planning and monitoring of the remediation of polluted buildings. Innovation and development are and have always been important success factors for Carbotech AG. The company and its members are committed to transferring knowledge, in the context of training sessions with customers, presentations or the instruction of young environmental professionals. Carbotech AG is owned by its collaborators. This independence makes us the right partner – for private companies as well as the public administration or development and environmental organisations. To-day, around 30 experts from different fields – environmental sciences, chemistry, physics, architecture, civil engineering, biology and economics – work in our two offices in Basel and Zurich. Since 2019 Carbotech AG is organized according to the principles of Holacracy.
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