Circular Carbon

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We de-carbonize industrial processes for companies & municipalities. We use Biomass Waste to generate renewable energy and valuable biochar products. 500 years ago native Indians in the Amazon region built the foundation of an entire society on a magical and fertile soil - Terra Preta - in which biochar was the key ingredient. It improves agricultural productivity, particularly in low-fertility and degraded soils where it can be transformational for marginalized farmers; it reduces losses of nutrients, enhances growth of microorganisms and improves water-retention capacity of soils. Use of biochar has been identified as one of the most promising strategies to remove CO2 and CO2 equivalents from the atmosphere while being a source of renewable energy (heat from syngas). Biochar is produced from waste resources that many companies currently do not utilize. It has a unique capacity to enable ecosystem transformations, allowing businesses to transition towards a circular economy while improving their financial performance.
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