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December 31, 2019
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Base your carbon emission reporting on your actual energy consumption. Not estimates. Our plug 'n' play solution means no hardware, no meter requirements and no manual work. You get to download accurate and auditable data whenever you want and track real-time energy prices so you can avoid price fluctuations. Not only are we the most accurate emissions data supplier, but we're also the most affordable. After all, everyone should be able to afford to measure and manage their carbon emissions.
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Reporting for sustainable investments, Help with frameworks and metrics, Life Cycle Assessment, Product Assessment
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We’re the only plug 'n' play carbon accounting solution that can provide building emission data based on actual consumption. Not estimates. 👉 If you need to: - Calculate and report CO2 emissions accurately - Measure real-time energy consumption in manufacturing - Analyse and optimise energy data in properties Then you need accurate data. 👉 Why? To calculate, optimise and report effectively, you need to be able to measure accurately. Without exact data, you’re working with estimates – inaccurate data – and as such, any benchmarks, baselines and reports your company creates are at best questionable, and at worse, meaningless. Accurate data enables you to work with facts. You’re able to: ✅ Make accurate energy management and net-zero strategies ✅ Create rock-solid baselines and benchmarks for optimisation work ✅ Stay on budget and avoid price fluctuations ✅ Stay ahead of regulations and stakeholder expectations 👉 Already committed to a carbon accounting tool? We love to hear it. If you want to take your current setup to the next level, you can keep using your existing solution – just add our data to the mix. Get in touch, and we’ll give you the lowdown.
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