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February 6, 2022
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ctrl+s accelerates sustainability efforts and effective decarbonization of complex supply chains. It’s innovative SaaS platform provides procurement and strategy departments with fast, robust, and actionable data, enabling high-resolution insights deep into the supply chain. It also enables engagement with suppliers to drive tangible progress, while providing robust KPIs essential for tracking goal achievements (e.g., aligned with the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi)). ctrl+s is a one-stop-shop for supply chain emissions management. ctrl+s is a Berlin-based, privately funded company, staffed by top sustainability scientists and industry experts with over 20 years of experience driving innovation in carbon accounting. Despite its recent founding in 2022, ctrl+s has already become a trusted data and solution provider to industry giants such as Siemens, Bosch, and Bayer on their path to decarbonization.
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Value Chain, supply chain compliance, Net Zero Strategy, ESG data, Life Cycle Assessment, Product Assessment, Reporting for sustainable investments, GHG, circular economy, CDP compliant, SBTi targets, calculate carbon footprint, ISO 26000
Description of Measuring service
ctrl+s offers a comprehensive assessment tool designed for companies and consultants to evaluate the sustainability of global supply chains. It leverages in-depth statistical data about typical carbon emissions across industry sectors around the world and integrates with existing procurement systems to provide a detailed baseline of a company's environmental impact quickly and with minimal effort. Key features include: 1. It‘s complete: We cover more than 500 industry sectors and all 250 countries – and their impacts along the entire supply chain, all the way down to raw material extraction. 2. It‘s fair: A consistent model that evaluates all countries and sectors with the same method allows for a fair comparison of impacts. 3. It‘s granular: Best-in-class resolution allows detailed drill downs into hot-spots and identifies root causes. 4. It‘s feasible: Harvesting readily available procurement data, matter+s is time and cost efficient. 5. It‘s adaptive: Let your consultants handle the data, use our BI dashboards, or go for an automated integration into your systems with custom APIs.
Supplier Engagement, Integrate climate action for customers, Purchase sustainable material, Reduce Energy emissions, e-Learning, Energy Management
Description of Reduction service
ctrl+s offers a targeted survey platform designed to facilitate carbon reduction across supply chains. It focuses on delivering tangible outcomes in carbon reduction by engaging suppliers through a concise and strategic questionnaire. Key features include: 1. It‘s timely: suppliers receive instant feedback about their reduction performance and lead firms have immediate access to suppliers‘ results without delay. 2. It‘s scalable: It doesn‘t matter whether you invite 10 suppliers or 10,000 – the platform onboards, reminds, and assesses for you. 3. It‘s feasible: The assessment consists of 19 questions tuned to each supplier’s specific business model – no more burden than necessary on suppliers. 4. It’s motivating: The platform motivates suppliers to continue reducing emissions all by themselves – instructive e-learning chapters on every value chain step fuel new reductions. 5. It’s safe: We do not ask suppliers for sensitive data, and we take data security extremely seriously. Our server is located in Germany and we are ISO27001 / SOC 2 Type II / SOC 1 Type II certified.
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