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Dayrize is bringing product life cycle assessment transparency to the mass consumer market, making it accessible for brands of all sizes to validate their sustainability claims - enabling brands to reduce costs, unlock additional revenue, and build brand value. Dayrize's purpose is to bring consumption within planetary boundaries by helping businesses and consumers reduce their impact. Until now the process of understanding the impact of consumer products has been complex, time-consuming and expensive. Existing assessments cost up to $50,000 and can take up to 6 months for a single product. We decided to solve this and make impact assessments accessible for all businesses, by pulling together a team of 20 of the world’s best environmental scientists, industrial ecologists and technology experts. The result is the most advanced impact measurement technology ever created which provides transparency throughout the entire production process. This makes it easy for both consumers and businesses to understand and ultimately reduce their environmental and social impact. We have reduced the time it takes to assess the impact of a product from months down to minutes, at a fraction of the cost of existing assessments, making it accessible for all businesses, large and small. We have already partnered with over 500 brands and scored thousands of products... And we are just getting started. We have ambitious plans to bring impact transparency to every consumer product in the world!
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