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Sustainability and ESG A precise and systematic approach is essential for the success of sustainability and ESG projects. With our team of experienced experts, we support your company in facing individual challenges. We transform your company's square into a closed circle, uniting the development, auditing, and communication of your sustainability and ESG topics. Strategy development for a sustainable future We design a customized sustainability management system tailored to your company's specific needs. We accompany you on the journey to ensure that your company is optimally organized to guarantee crucial future success. Together, we define clear and measurable goals and align the ecological, social, and economic dimensions with your company vision. We continuously review the current status of all innovations to ensure they are optimally aligned with your company's requirements. Our goal is for your strategy to form the foundation of a sustainable success story. Transparent reporting for responsibility and trust ESG reporting involves companies reporting on their performance in the areas of environment, social, and governance. These reports provide insights into the company's impacts and serve as the basis for meeting the requirements of your customers and suppliers. We actively support you in this process and continuously adapt it in close coordination with your company and stakeholders. Carbon footprints and life cycle assessments Carbon Footprints and life cycle assessments are analyses that evaluate the environmental impacts of a product, service, or process over its entire life cycle. All phases are considered – from raw material extraction to production, use, and disposal. Greenhouse gas and life cycle assessments are crucial tools for promoting sustainable practices and identifying opportunities to reduce the ecological footprint of products and processes. They form the foundation for environmentally conscious decisions and strategies in your company. Sustainable supply chain management In addition to European and national legal requirements such as the Corporate Due Diligence Directive (CSDDD), building and maintaining a sustainable supply chain is crucial for companies to fulfill their ecological and social responsibilities. A sustainable supply chain aims to reduce environmental impacts, improve social conditions, and build long-term relationships with suppliers. Training and workshops Training and workshops for a culture of sustainability help your company raise awareness of environmental and social issues, strengthen employee engagement, and facilitate the integration of sustainable practices into daily work. Communication: sustainability as an integrated part of the company In communication, sustainability serves as a fundamental building block that underscores your company's authenticity and credibility. Emphasizing shared values creates a deep bond with your customers and stakeholders, enhancing awareness of your company's sustainable orientation.
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We help companies to report under CSRD (ESRS), EU-Taxonomie, CBAM and GRI as well as IFRS Stustainability Disclosure Standards. With our partner network we can also assist with special projects regarding LCA, Climate risk and vulnerability analysis and deep dive analyses regarding the value chain.
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