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June 13, 2011
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We started our development almost two decades ago, searching for a system to make good decisions in situations of great complexity - we wanted a tool that could make sense of the world and its many problems, from climate change and pollution, over business and employee health, to public policy and infrastructure. The company Genetix is today, started this journey back in 2011, when we set out with people from IBM, Danish University of Technology and University of Augsburg to develop the Genetix Decision Intelligence software that enables companies to map their decision chain across their organisation as a whole and determine the appropriate response to constantly changing business needs. ​Since then Genetix has documented savings for companies and organizations for hundreds of millions of EUR, created better employee and customer satisfaction, as well as contributed to innovative, more profitable and sustainable companies - and always without the black boxes of AI, ensuring transparent results at all times. Our computational core is today on its third version, incl. compatibility with quantum computing options for special scenarios, and we are working to implement AR/VR in our interfaces to improve the user's overview of very complex data connections in our massive corpoation-wide simulations. Our history, technology and work are documented in several white papers (our webpage), articles and media mentions - please reach out to us if you have interest in a deep dive into the details of our capabilities, intellectual property and ethical focus.
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Large enterprises (250 or more employees
Reporting for sustainable investments, Value Chain, supply chain compliance, CSRD reporting, Help with frameworks and metrics, ESG data
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With our Automated ESRS E1 Data solution, launched in 2022, we reduce the workload on companies seeking compliance with the new CSRD/ESRS laws, enabling ESG Managers to focus on creating change rather than do bookkeeping.
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