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Impaakt is a fintech company that leverages collective intelligence and AI to measure the true impact companies have on the environment and society. We've created a community of 50,000+ contributors who work together to document, verify, analyze, and assess the positive and negative effects that businesses have on the planet and society. Our platform offers unbiased insights that help investors and citizens avoid greenwashing. It tackles many of the problems that existing data and reporting tools have been called out for by providing robust, simple, transparent, and opposable impact research. Our data is utilized by the financial industry and corporates to ensure better decisions are made, for a more sustainable and inclusive future.
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Reporting for sustainable investments, Product Assessment, Help with frameworks and metrics, SFDR
Description of Measuring service
Impaakt offers a range of comprehensive measuring services, including thorough assessments aligned with diverse frameworks such as SDG, SASB, ILG, and regulations like SFDR, encompassing PAIs and EU Taxonomy. Our services provide exceptional research and scores, serving as effective reporting instruments that steer sustainable investments. Particularly notable are our materiality assessments that pinpoint a company's most critical impacts, and our portfolio diagnostic tool, streamlining the assessment, tracking, and management of a portfolio's impacts. Our scores offer granularity, enabling reporting at various levels, from company-, topic-, and product-levels.
Consulting, e-Learning
Description of Reduction service
With our consulting services, we provide tailored solutions for companies seeking to align with the CSRD regulation. We assist businesses in identifying and understanding material impact topics within their own operations, helping them meet regulatory requirements effectively. Additionally, we offer support to companies looking to identify material topics in their investment portfolios that might be overlooked by other data providers. Through our on-demand research, we bring to light crucial insights that might have been previously unnoticed. Our e-learning dimension is designed to empower individuals with the knowledge and skills needed to assess and rate the impact of companies. We offer a range of comprehensive training programs and certifications that equip participants to become proficient analysts or raters in the realm of impact measurement. As part of our commitment to continuous growth, we're excited to announce the upcoming launch of a new certification tailored for financial professionals specializing in impact advisory. This certification will further enrich the skill set of professionals in the financial sector, enabling them to navigate the complexities of impact assessment and sustainability advisory with confidence.
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