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ImpactBuying is a B-Corporation, specialized in risk management and transforming supply chains for the better. We have been unravelling complex international supply chains for 13 years in North-West Europe. With more than 250.000 supply- and product chains mapped, we are at the forefront of providing valuable insights for creating positive impact. We have a focus on product (food) safety, social compliance and sustainability. We can easily say: We show you where you source from, where in your supply chain you might be facing risks, and how you can make impactful changes. Our portfolio ranges from transparency and traceability solutions (supplier portal, producers & trader omni-channel platform – both including product specifications, and blockchain). We support our technology with an experienced international team that helps our clients with supplier onboarding, data collection, verification and validation. Our team can reach out to your supply chain actors in their native language and their own business time zone. We also offer consultancy around sustainable supply chains as well as offering risk analysis, impact assessments and training for procurement & category management. Our clients are large retailers like Ahold Delhaize, Jumbo, COOP, Superunie and Lidl. But also Action, HEMA and Maxeda or Axfood are companies we make a difference with and together provide a proven positive impact.
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