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KiwiGo is a Social Enterprise contributing to local communities by wide-spreading the awareness of Community-based, Sustainable and Responsible Tourism. We aim to turn the Travel industry into a driving force for a sustainable change, focusing on WEE approach: Wellness, Education & Environmental. KiwiGo is more than a Travel Agency: we are a community of passionate travelers, Working and Traveling together towards the UN’s Global Goals for Sustainable Development and Green Polices by . KiwiGo business model is forged on strategic partnerships with a diverse group of local CSO who work to create a more sustainable future, and forward-thinking companies who recognize the importance of sustainable travel in creating shared value and their CSR activities. Our message goes viral via social media and our Partners, instead of relying on mass media. Marketing budget are given to these CSO, who use it to fund their projects. Values: 1) Sustainable Development for Local Communities (Social, Environmental, Economic) 2) Diversity & Inclusion (Diversity is what you have. Inclusion is what you do.) 3) Responsible Travelers
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