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August 17, 2014
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Klappir is a sustainability software provider, founded in 2014 and headquartered in Iceland. Klappir stands out due to its comprehensive approach to operations, trusted experience and ground-breaking product portfolio. In a world increasingly focused on sustainability Klappir is spearheading a transformative shift in how businesses align with the complex challenges of sustainability accounting and reporting aligned with CSRD and ESRS.
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Value Chain, supply chain compliance, ESG data, CSRD reporting, SFDR, GHG, SBTi targets, calculate carbon footprint, Reporting for sustainable investments, Help with frameworks and metrics
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By utilizing our software, you can transform raw activity data into actionable insights. Gain a real-time overview of your environmental footprint and understand the impact of your operations. Our intuitive interface empowers you to make informed decisions and drive meaningful change towards a more sustainable future. Value chain Management: The value chain management takes care of company's value chain and connection with the Klappir eco-system and data sharing between companies. Data Management: The data management encompasses collecting, storing, processing, and securing data to ensure its accuracy, availability, and integrity, which is crucial for decision-making and regulatory compliance. Ecosystem: The Klappir ecosystem empowers you to seamlessly share data with your customers via our platform. It facilitates digital data sharing through APIs or standardized formats that can be manually uploaded into the platform. Additionally, it enables you to efficiently respond to supplier assessments within your value chain.
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