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Our customers come from many different sectors. They are in aviation, logistics and transportation. They come from the industrial and automotive sectors or are active in the publishing, tourism, energy or healthcare sectors. But regardless of their sector, they all share the same 2 major challenges of our time: they have to design their IT along the entire value chain in such a way that they can reduce costs and at the same time increase revenue and efficiency. Additionally, they need to comply with sustainability requirements of all stakeholders and often are highly motivated to reach climate goals. In short, it is about the future viability of the company. Lufthansa Industry Solutions supports companies in the necessary Twin Transition - from SMEs to DAX-listed corporations. Our focus is not only on the IT required for this, but also on our customers' business with its internal and external challenges. This is because digital transformation encompasses the entire corporate structure and culture and extends beyond company boundaries to collaboration with partners, customers and suppliers.
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Net Zero Strategy, ESG data, CSRD reporting, calculate carbon footprint
Description of Measuring service
EPACTO is an ESG performance accounting software made by LHIND - meaning: sustainability managers can focus on sustainability management while the software takes over the entire data management. - EPACTO is an all-in-one software that brings the necessary transparency to the status quo of ESG performance, calculates the greatest levers for optimizing key figures and is able to create forecasts. The european reporting requirements (ESRS) are included with an easy to understand workflow that saves cost up to 80 % in comparison to an Excel based reporting.
SaaS Recommendation, Consulting, Integrate climate action for customers, Improve logistics, Purchase sustainable material, Green IT Service
Description of Reduction service
Performance Cockpit: The individual company structure is displayed here, i.e.: How many branches do we have? What are the subsidiaries? How many employees? The system then suggests relevant sets of key figures (based on the European Sustainability Reporting Standards / ESRS as standard) and gives users the opportunity to import the data (we provide interfaces and upload options for this). This results in interactive dashboards for comparing locations and internal benchmarking to answer the question: Are we on the right track? Projects and initiatives relevant to sustainability are listed in the Impact Cockpit. For example, a project in the area of energy-saving measures or fleet renewal. Here, too, relevant key figures are selected for each project to measure the impact (e.g. expected CO2 reduction per year, investment costs, water, biodiversity, energy key figures, ....) and various options are weighed against each other within the scope of the selected KPI. The tool also provides a sensitivity analysis that creates an overall score across all KPIs. This means that the energy, diversity and CO2 reduction projects can suddenly be compared with each other
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Description of Communication service