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Makersite provides AI, data and apps for sustainable product and supply chain decisions at scale. We work closely with Procurement, Sustainability and Supply Chain teams of enterprise manufacturers to deliver digital twins for decision-making support in complex business environments. The platform is the only cloud-based solution combining data aggregation and live applications for agile product life cycle management. Global enterprises use Makersite to achieve Net-Zero, accelerate innovation, and build resilient supply chains. Makersite is an award-winning software-as-a-service provider helping manufacturing enterprises solve complex challenges around their products and supply chains. Founded in 2018 by CEO and Founder, Neil D’Souza, the Stuttgart-based company employs more than 25 employees across Europe and Asia. Their customer portfolio includes companies like Microsoft, Lush, Cummins, and Vestas. Amongst other areas, Makersite is the leader in MCDA for product design and procurement, as well as full automation of LCAs and Scope 3 reporting. Just in 2021, 8+ Million LCAs were processed through the cloud platform.
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