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Right now, 85% of the total value of coffee disappears in the pockets of a handful of multinationals, who we call Big Coffee. This means the farmer stays behind with only 15% of the value. Value, to which nothing has been ‘added’ – only 2% is profit! We may be entrepreneurs, but this imbalance isn’t justifiable! So: that’s why Moyee exists. We aren’t against Fairtrade, but we take it a step further. By applying a FairChain business approach we are restoring the balance in the supply chain. Our goal is a 50/50 balance between coffee producers and coffee drinkers. We know, it’s kind of hardcore, but we are well on our way. Next to the 20% FairChain premium for the farmers, we leave 300% more money behind by producing, roasting and packaging locally! This results in the countries being less dependent of development aid and the farmers finally getting a chance of working towards a living income, instead of the never-ending poverty they are in. “We want to give countries like Ethiopia the means to develop themselves. Afterall, it is their coffee”. Time to wake up the coffee industry!
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