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Infinium and our partner company, Nextwave, based in London in the UK, is a Next Generation Consulting firm with a purpose, to create better financial services through technology. The company was founded with a core strategy aimed at leveraging transformational technology platforms (the building blocks of digital FS), new talent and a belief that the intelligent orchestration of people and technology will drive the digital revolution. In just 18 months against the backdrop of the COVID pandemic, we have established teams of world-class consultants and engineers in 3 offices, engaged with 7 top tier Financial Institutions and mobilised delivery partnerships with some of the most progressive technology and service firms in Financial Services, including Appian (world leader in low-code) and Quantexa (a recent recipient of venture capital funding from ABN Amro ventures and one of the fastest-growing Fintechs in Europe). In everything we do, we aim to demonstrate an agility and innovation approach that helps us stand out from the crowd - whether it be orchestrating rapid business outcomes as trusted partners for our clients, bringing alliance firms together to create unique new business solutions (we have been the catalyst behind 3 current cross-fintech Appian solution prototypes in H1 2020 alone), or visioning and delivering one of the most impactful social enterprise programmes in the sector (NextWave ‘1 for 1’). We believe our teams have the approach, track record and supporting ecosystem to shake up the consulting sector in the years to come and we have already started to make our presence felt.
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supply chain compliance, ESG data, CSRD reporting
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Our packaged technical solution consists of three critical components... 1. Pre-packaged Alteryx workflow accelerators, configurable to your CSRD data sources allowing you to: - Connect directly to a multitude of systems, applications and files - Ingest high volume and granular data to complete data validations and cleansing - Manage data quality and transform the data for reporting and analysis purposes 2. ‘Plug-and-play’ CSRD reporting Alteryx macros, our off-the-shelf solution provides: - Pre-defined reporting coordinates that map quantitative data inputs to the CSRD disclosures and sub-forms. - Assurance on meeting CSRD compliance requirements. - Documentation that supports third-party risk assessment with transparency on data lineage and transformations. 3. Automated reporting and analysis, enabling: - Generation of reporting datasets ready to publish to relevant CSRD disclosures. - Management reporting with driver-based analysis to explain movements in positions against ESG targets. - Correlation analysis to help identify opportunities that optimise performance considering ESG factors.
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