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November 30, 2022
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Combining technology with a team of sustainability experts, we offer the complete set of services that companies need in the decarbonization process, from measurement to reduction. A comprehensive solution to support all sectors in their zero-emission transition efforts, measuring corporate footprint, cataloging products through life cycle analysis and promoting the design and implementation of carbon reduction plans. We also provide offseting projects to offset the remaining emissions, as well as marketing and reporting solutions to comunicate the sustainability efforts of the company. Regarding CSRD compliance, our software measurement solution is certified by TUV under the ISO 14064 & GHG protocol framework, to validate that the data is realiable. That measurement will cover all CSRD requirements on emissions reporting as well as CDP compliant requiremens. Namely, we also cover carbon measurement reporting under the SDRD requirements.
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Net Zero Strategy, GHG, CDP compliant, SBTi targets, B corp certification, GRI reporting, calculate carbon footprint, (Voluntary) certification, Help with frameworks and metrics, Life Cycle Assessment
Description of Measuring service
An auditable, traceable and verifiable solution for carbon footprint measurement. It works as a software platform in the cloud (SaaS), to measure the emissions of scope 1, 2 and 3 (15 categories) of businesses. One of the few platforms in Europe certified by TÜV. ISO 14064, ISO 14040, ISO 14044 and ISO 14067 compliant. For LCA - Product related emissions its a Digital service to determine the product related GHG emissions via a life-cycle analysis.
Consulting, Supplier Engagement, SaaS Recommendation, Solar Enegry, Alternative to sending packages, Improve logistics, Business travels, Purchase sustainable material, Improve machine quality, Reduce Energy emissions, Waste Management, Renewable energy, sustainable employees
Description of Reduction service
As a consulting-like project, with a team of dedicated sustainability experts, we study and recommend the most strategical and convenient way to reduce your emissions by having a clear reduction plan, based on prevoius detailed footpring measurement. Once having defined a clear reduction plan, we can directly implement reduction initiatives with the hand of our key partners (100% green energy, Solar PV, EV fleet …)
Primary (You do the projects), Secondary (You offer the projects of others), Local forest
Description of Compensation service
With the license to our platform companies get access to a communication module so they can report internally to your team, investors and auditors using official reports (GHG, ISO 14064) or tailored to your needs. Those reports cover all CSRD environmental reporting standards so companies can directly download from the platform everthing they need. Reports are automatically downloaded from the platform, as well as dashboards and graphic-snippets to easily communicate sustainability efforts in the web, social networks... We also offer services to register into CDP or similar (MITECO in Spain, SBTIs...). Automatic reporting in the tool on demand ,Visual reports with graphs and metrics Customizable reporting by period (monthly, quarterly, yearly...) and scope (1, 2 and 3)
Description of Communication service