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OpenAtlas is a machine learning and satellite imagery analysis company that specializes in creating digital tools to help businesses comply with the EU Deforestation Regulation (EUDR). OpenAtlas leverages advanced machine learning, artificial intelligence, and deep learning techniques combined with high-resolution, high-revisit remote satellite imagery to reduce compliance risks and inform business decision-making.
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Nature Conservation, supply chain compliance, Value Chain, SBTi targets
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OpenAtlas Measuring Service Description: OpenAtlas’s measuring service is a comprehensive deforestation monitoring solution designed to help businesses comply with the European Deforestation Regulation (EUDR). The service leverages cutting-edge machine learning and satellite imagery to provide precise, timely, and actionable insights into land-use changes, specifically deforestation. Key Components of the Measuring Service: 1. Satellite Imagery Analysis: • High-Resolution Data: Utilizes high-resolution images from Sentinel-1 and Sentinel-2 satellites, providing detailed views of land cover. • Multispectral and Radar Imaging: Combines multispectral bands and radar imaging to monitor forest changes in various climatic and environmental conditions. 2. Machine Learning Models: • Neural Networks: Trains advanced neural networks to detect deforestation events with high accuracy. • Self-Supervised Learning: Continuously improves model accuracy using self-supervised learning techniques and human-verified data. 3. Geolocation and Traceability: • Geolocation Data: Collects and processes geographic coordinates of production plots, ensuring traceability from the plot of land to the final product. • Polygon and Point Data: Supports both polygon and point data for geolocation, facilitating compliance with EUDR’s requirements. 4. Risk Assessment and Reporting: • Deforestation Risk Assessments: Provides detailed risk assessments for specific plots of land, highlighting areas of concern. • Customizable Reports: Offers customizable output formats, including tabular data, binary results, and GeoJSON, to meet diverse business needs. • API Integration: Enables seamless integration of data into existing business systems through an easy-to-use API.
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