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right° provides transparency on the climate impact of economic activities – plain & simple in °C. Our software and metrics enable stakeholders from the real economy, finance, and real estate to plot pathways to 1.5°C alignment. Your climate-related decisions will be guided by the best available science and data. right° is the leading pioneer of ‘temperature alignment’ or ‘implied temperature rise’ (ITR) metrics. We developed the X-Degree Compatibility (XDC) Model to calculate the climate impact of e.g., companies, buildings, and financial portfolios (private & listed equity, bonds, real estate, sovereign bonds). Customers use our software and services to ° conduct forward-looking scenario analysis (TCFD recommended), ° measure Portfolio Alignment (TCFD recommended), ° evaluate the efficacy of their climate targets, ° integrate science-based climate KPIs into their decision-making & investment processes, ° steer their transition to 1.5°C alignment. Our XDC Model is science-based, transparent and has been free to use in academic research since 2019 through the project right. open. The fundamental methodology is peer-reviewed and was published under an open license (open source) in 2021. Decoupling economic success from emissions right° was founded in 2016 by Hannah Helmke and Dr. Sebastian Müller. Our interdisciplinary team of nearly 40 experts is dedicated to continually expanding and improving the XDC Model. We also offer comprehensive services for the implementation and use of our software. Our shared aim is to help shape a future in which economic success is no longer dependent on emissions.
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