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Ruuts is an ecosystem services marketplace that empowers farmers, corporations and individuals to take action in reversing climate change and land degradation. More than one third of the world's terrestrial surface is agricultural land. Unless we change the way we manage our soils there is no chance to succeed in reversing this climate and environmental crisis. Ruuts is on a mission to help transform our degenerative food production system into a regenerative one. To do so, we are generating the market incentives to redefine the farmers role, from food and fiber producers to nature producers. We combine three powerful attributes: - We use scalable & scientific rigorous methods to measure farmers' ecological outcomes like soil carbon, water infiltration and biodiversity, - We use technology to cut off middle man and give transparency to buyers, and - We have boots on the ground, to work together with farmers and help them regenerate millions of hectares. Come & join the movement!
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