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SDG Monitor offers comprehensive solutions for companies navigating the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) compliance landscape. With the upcoming requirement for approximately 50,000 companies to adhere to the CSRD reporting obligation, SDG Monitor provides a range of tailored products and services designed to guide organizations through this process. Key Offerings: ESRS Data Cards Tool: Description - An Excel-based tool specifically crafted for CSRD data management in alignment with European Sustainability Reporting Standards (ESRS). Features include a collection of over 100 data cards covering ESRS cross-cutting and topical disclosure requirements. The tool facilitates data sourcing, validation, and auditing processes, mitigating operational risks associated with CSRD compliance. It is available for individual purchase or as part of a comprehensive package. Double Materiality Assessment: Description - A streamlined and cost-effective six-step process aligning with ESRS topic framework, industry-specific topics, and company-specific considerations. Outcomes include a machine-readable Excel spreadsheet ready for CSRD reporting, ensuring compliance with ESRS requirements. Gap Analysis for CSRD: Description - Comprehensive assessment of how current sustainability practices align with regulatory requirements. The process involves setting up the ESRS Data Cards tool, integrating available data, and creating a data collection action plan. Outcomes include a strategic plan to meet disclosure requirements and a fully configured ESRS Data Cards tool with existing data. SDG Monitor's offerings ensure that companies can navigate the evolving CSRD landscape with confidence, addressing compliance requirements while optimizing sustainability reporting processes.
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ESG data, CSRD reporting, GRI reporting, SDGs, Help with frameworks and metrics, Reporting for sustainable investments, (Voluntary) certification, GHG, SBTi targets, CDP compliant, SFDR
Description of Measuring service
SDG Monitor offers a free SaaS tool together with advisory for companies and organisations to measure sustainability performance, pair actions with the most suitable SDGs, manage data and communicate ESG impact through intuitive dashboards. How it works SDG Monitor provides an easy way to measure the performance of your sustainability actions by: 1. pairing them with the most suitable SDG business indicators. 2. providing one place for all your sustainability data. 3. communicating your Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) impact through our beautiful dashboards.
Consulting, e-Learning, SaaS Recommendation, sustainable employees, Circular Economy
Description of Reduction service
We help you to draw a ready to act sustainability road map or action plan with targets, KPIs and timeline, with business benefits. Our services: - Code of conduct - ESG Roadmap - Action plan - Due Diligence for portfolio companies
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Description of Communication service