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Supply Pilot is a technology enabled services company with expertise in supplier engagement and collaboration, at pace, and scale: - to build capability within your supply chain - to collect data (qualitative and quantitative information on suppliers and materials) - to educate and empower suppliers ...and ultimately to maximise supplier participation with consistent market-leading levels of engagement and action. The Supply Pilot platform is a cost-effective and highly configurable solution that can be delivered at pace and is available either on flexible project-based or longer-term enterprise licensed solutions, supported by a team expert in supplier engagement.
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Large enterprises (250 or more employees)
supply chain compliance, ESG data
Description of Measuring service
The Supply Pilot Platform (SPP) is a highly configurable and flexible supply chain data collection solution. The SPP is problem agnostic and can be used to collect supplier, product, packaging or material level information for responsible sourcing and measurement. Proven with some of the world's largest brands (e.g. Asda, Boots an Walmart). Examples include: - Responsible sourcing (e.g. RSPO certification, FSC certification, Leaping Bunny etc.) - Scope 3 (supply chain emmissions) - Plastics and packaging etc. Deployed in days. Impact in weeks. Proven high levels of supplier participation. In addition Supply Pilot provide optional services to execute no data collection (measurement campaigns), to create and curate content and maximise success.
Supplier Engagement, Consulting
Description of Reduction service
The Supply Pilot Platform (SPP) is a highly configurable and problem agnostic solutions to collect both qualitative and quantitative information (see Measure) and also to engage suppliers around brand objectives to reduce emissions, reduce packaging, increase recycled content, eliminate materials of concern and other ESG initiatives. The platform provides the solutions to: - Engage and activate suppliers about the goal/objective - To collect information (about suppliers, products or materials) - To share KPI and TTI via secure supplier scorecards to drive performance - Supplier self-help and academy to empower and educate suppliers to support change Proven success with projects such as : - remove 20 Million metric tons of GHG emissions from supply chain (Scope 3) - increase responsible sourcing to be 100% RSPO certified palm oil - successfully eliminate identified materials of concern In addition Supply Pilot provide optional services to execute no data collection and transformation ('reduce') projects using the proven Supply Pilot 6-Step process. Clients include: Albertsons, Asda, Boots, Coop, Waitrose, Woolworths and more.
Description of Compensation service
Description of Communication service
Supply Pilot's expertise is in supplier engagement to maximise supplier participation to increase the accuracy of data collection ('measure') and to drive change, at pace, and scale ('reduce'). For most companies over 80% of social and environmental impact is in the supply chain (and over 95% of natural capital) so supplier engagement is essential for more sustainable products, more sustainable packaging and more sustainable supply chains. Supply Pilot provides consultancy on how to maximise collaboration and impact.