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September 26, 2017
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SustainIQ is the only ESG reporting software you'll need. Using our four pillar reporting methodology, you can report on over 200+ ESG metrics including Scope 1, 2 and 3 GHG Emissions, Waste Management, Social Value, Biodiversity, Diversity and Inclusion, Supply Chain and so much more. Using a web-based app with mobile friendly functionality, users get access to simple input forms and a reporting dashboard that allows for granular drill down into any reporting metric in the system. With CSRD on the horizon, SustainIQ provides you with data points that align perfectly with the ESRS guidelines. In 2024, our tool will implement an ESRS report builder allowing you to pull data points you require for CSRD and ESRS compliance instantly making your CSRD report a simple to complete process.
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Large enterprises (250 or more employees
ESG data, supply chain compliance, Nature Conservation, GHG, circular economy, SDGs, calculate carbon footprint, Energy Management, SASB, sustainable buildings, Health of Employees, Help with frameworks and metrics, Net Zero Strategy, GRI reporting
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SustainIQ is a SaaS offering for businesses. We provide our clients with the methodology for reporting for all of their business locations. Working with our success team, you will be onboarded and support from day one ensuring that all of your team have access to the app and can record data from anywhere in the world. Our measurement is activity-based, meaning you simply input raw values of energy consumed and we'll deal with the carbon calculations. Beyond that, we also capture data on biodiversity, waste, business transportation, embodied carbon and more, as well as helping you report on internal and external social metrics and ensuring you have governance processes in place to standardise data capture.
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