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Terrascope is a smart carbon measurement and management SaaS platform designed to empower companies to decarbonise their operations, supply chains, and portfolios. Without accuracy and confidence in their emissions baseline, companies are unable to set realistic Net-Zero targets, much less reach them. We are in the business of solving this challenge. Terrascope enables clients to measure with speed and confidence, manage the complexity of carbon reduction, collaborate seamlessly between teams and with external partners, and share trusted data with stakeholders. Our proprietary data confidence methodology assesses the level of confidence in the measurement process, so companies can effectively focus efforts on high confidence areas, while improving data quality in areas of low confidence. By providing GHG compliant, fully verifiable and auditable emissions data within enterprise-grade industry standard cloud architecture, we are able to deliver on the analytics, governance and security needs of the largest organisations across various sectors. Headquartered in Singapore, Terrascope leverages the country’s supply chain networks and trusted data sharing and green finance infrastructures to provide secure, reliable, and highly resilient systems to help companies build a credible pathway to Net-Zero.
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