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ThankU is a browser app that allows people to thank each other virtually with short ThankU messages ( The clou: each ThankU contains a monetary contribution for one of three environmental projects that the sender of the ThankU chooses: removing plastic from the ocean, planting trees, protecting wildlife habitat. The environmental impact can be tracked via a personal ThankU page and shared on social media (virality). In addition, ThankUs can be collected (gamification). The idea for ThankU came up, because I was repeatedly called by friends and colleagues with the question: "Lukasz, I know you are a lawyer, and that is your job... but would it be ok if I could ask you 5 minutes privately a legal question..." And I thought, how nice it would be, if I could ask for money for these favors, but not for my own pocket, but to plant trees for example ... And ThankU was born. Check it out yourself and send a lot of ThankUs! You can make a difference!
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