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Traace is a carbon & ESG management platform. Traace helps companies regain control of their environmental impact through a colaborative, enterprise-ready and user friendly SaaS platform and tailor-made support for climate strategies and CSRD compliance. Traace allows companies to handle all of their ESG data, to access expert carbon accounting, to finely model their trajectories and action plans and to easely comply with non-financial reporting obligations such as CSRD. Measurement, Analysis, Trajectories, Action Plan, Suppliers Engagement, Reporting : Traace enables companies to effectively manage their environmental strategy in order to reduce their impact and comply with the requirements of their customers, employees and investors. Traace has already more than 30 million tons of CO2 under management and more than 6 million tons of forecast carbon reduction through our Reduce Module. - Automated, multi-source carbon & ESG data collection - Advanced measurement and analysis of climate and ESG impacts - Comparison of actual environmental impact trajectory against defined targets across all scopes - Tailor-made assessment of suppliers and the entire value chain - Analysis of the impact of products sold - Management of action plans to meet emission reduction targets - Financial analysis of the climate action plan - Guiderd non-financial reporting (CSRD)
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Large enterprises (250 or more employees
Value Chain, ESG data, CSRD reporting, GHG, Net Zero Strategy, SBTi targets, CDP compliant, Climate-Related Risks (TCFD), GRI reporting, calculate carbon footprint, SFDR, supply chain compliance, Product Assessment, Life Cycle Assessment, ISO 26000
Description of Measuring service
Traace has a complete set of data collection, data processing, data visualisation and data analyse features to ensure the best environmental footprint accounting and ESG impact measure. Among other things, Traace allows users to : - Collect multi-metrics data from differents sources (Flat files upload, Survey, APIs, Manual Input, etc.) and through collaborative customized data collection campaigns for internal and external stakeholders. - Review collected data in detail, edit each data point if needed and extrapolate missing ones - Automate post-collect data conversion and computation with fully customizable processing rules. - Access reference impact factors database maintained by Traace and efficiently manage your own set of LCAs. - Compute environmental Key Performance Indicators at every level of granularity needed, covering metrics like GHGs, air pollution, water usage, waste, land use, etc. - Gain an in-depth understanding of your eKPIs with our granular, cross-functional analysis module. - Create and share customisable graphical reports & dashboards, tailored to your analysis and reporting needs.
Supplier Engagement, Consulting, SaaS Recommendation, Greener offices, Circular Economy, Solar Enegry, Energy Management, Reduce Cloud emissions, Reduce building emissions, Integrate climate action for customers, Alternative to sending packages, Improve logistics, Business travels, Improve machine quality, Purchase sustainable material, Improve food orders, Reduce Energy emissions, Waste Management, Green IT Service, Renewable energy, sustainable employees
Description of Reduction service
Traace's Reduce module is unique on the market, it has the most advanced action plan modelisation engine, allowing users to build credible action plans and trajectories, manage and engage suppliers’ and model their impact on trajectories and report following non-financial reporting frameworks such as CSRD. Among other things, Traace allows users to : - Model multiple trajectories (per scopes, perimeter...) and industry-specific decarbonization actions in the tool. - Model any any decarbonization action in the tool and to create concrete action plans and simulate their impact on mitigation trajectories. - Estimate dynamically the costs & savings of actions, at each level of the company. - Consolidate the cash flow of the action plan, allowing teams to prioritize funding opportunities in their budget.
Description of Compensation service
Description of Communication service
All our Customer Sucess are Climate Experts. They help our client both in carbon methodology for measurement, climate strategy to create a reduction action plan and on how to use Traace. For big global clients, we are use to work hand in hand with consulting partners as EY, South Pole, Carbon 4, etc..