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December 31, 2015
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UBIRCH is a pioneer in the field of ESG data management and offers companies a pioneering network to put their ESG-relevant information into a standardised and digitally verifiable form. We provide ESG data in such a way that it can be seamlessly integrated with any ERP system or other proprietary systems. Companies can be confident that the ESG data they collect meets the strict requirements of the CSRD. At a time when sustainability and transparent reporting are becoming increasingly important, we offer a pioneering solution for companies to efficiently manage and use their ESG data. With UBIRCH, companies are on the right track to successfully shape the future of ESG reporting. Consumer insights and the biggest challenge for companies: Collecting and managing Scope 3 data, which has the greatest impact on ESG reporting, is one of the biggest challenges for all stakeholders. UBIRCH offers an efficient and reliable solution for collecting and processing this crucial data in a controllable quality. UBIRCH´S ESG Data Exchange Network innovative solution addresses two critical needs of companies: 1. Independent data provision in the highest quality: Companies can independently provide ESG-relevant data in a standardised and digitally verifiable form via the UBIRCH platform. This corresponds, so to speak, to a highly secure data centre that enables companies to organise their ESG data in a reliable and machine-readable manner. 2.Efficient procurement and integration of ESG data: For reporting clients, the UBIRCH platform provides access to ESG data in a standardised and digitally verifiable form. This secured ESG data can be effortlessly transmitted via common digital communication channels such as emails and e-invoices and integrated into various systems, including established solutions such as SAP. At the heart of the business is the optimisation of ESG data processes. UBIRCH enables a drastic improvement of ESG data processes by standardising the data, preparing it in an audit-proof manner and packaging it in a machine-readable way. By using such high-quality ESG data, ESG/CSRD reports can be created and audited much more easily and in a user-friendly manner. This significantly increases confidence in the credibility of the climate statements in these reports. Function and advantages of the ESG Data Exchange Network: > Obtaining data for Scope 2 and 3 is simplified > Sharing data easily and reliably saves duplication of work > Use of standards facilitates processing > Digital verifiability increases reliability and auditability > Also suitable for increased audit level (from 2028) > Competitive advantages through more usable ESG data
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ESG data, Value Chain, supply chain compliance, GHG, SDGs, calculate carbon footprint, sustainable buildings, Reporting for sustainable investments, Product Assessment, (Voluntary) certification, Help with frameworks and metrics
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1: MAKE ESG DATA AVAILABLE The UBIRCH ESG Exchange Network allows to publish ESG data (CCF or PCF) so that your clients can find and use it. The data can get digitally signed by you and can be exported according to different standards. Our clients are using this functionality to make their sustainability efforts visible and usable for their clients. 2: FIND ESG DATA FROM YOUR SUPPLIERS If a company has to reach out to their supplier network in order to collect ESG data from them, it can be quite painful. The Ubirch system allows to find and use data that is already there, but also automatically reach out to suppliers that have not yet uploaded their data. After doing so the data can be reviewed and used for the Scope 3 CSRD reporting. 3. OFFER ESG DATA IN MACHINE READABLE FORM Once data is uploaded to the ESG Exchange Network it is easy to make it available to customers in a nice and verifiable form. For instance the data assertions in the sustainability report can be published as scannable QR-Code and integrated into the PDF-Report.
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