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Everyone loves nature and so do they hang around the mountains and trees. We forgot to realize, that our daily human activity is killing our environment. Carbon emissions are so huge that, we should act now to make the impact we made reversible. In some years, we don’t have any chance to act! We are working on the solutions to protect and save the Planet, In 3 different ways. 1. Nature - Protection & Care 2. Technology - Green & Sustainable Future 3. Socially - Improving Lives while saving Planet We are building a Dedicated Green Streaming Platform with completely Green Energy & Our Platform is going to be completely secure without any data collection. The Revenue generated is dedicated only to Climate Action, to Protect Nature & Improving lives. Climate Change is accelerating from Day to Day. Every minute 1 Million tons of Ice is melting from icecaps & 150 Acres of the forest is getting burnt. Our Actions differ from the other Climate action firms.
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