Can GPTs help with the CSRD Report?

Can GPTs help with the CSRD Report?

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OpenAI's innovative approach to artificial intelligence has revolutionized the landscape by democratizing the creation of advanced language models, particularly through the provision of tools for users to generate their own Generative Pre-trained Transformers (GPTs). 

This shift marks a pivotal moment in AI development, granting individuals the power to tailor language models to their specific needs and domains. OpenAI's commitment to openness and accessibility has ushered in a new era, where users can actively contribute to the evolution of language technologies. 

This abstract explores the implications of OpenAI's decision to empower individuals in creating their GPTs, with regard to the effects on sustainability reporting.

The complexity of the CSRD

The Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) represents a significant stride in the European Union's commitment to enhancing corporate transparency and accountability in sustainability practices. However, the complexity embedded within the CSRD framework poses a substantial challenge for companies striving to navigate and comply with its intricate reporting requirements. 

Many companies are offering extensive software solutions to reduce the complexity for companies and make the road to become CSRD compliant as easy as possible. If you are interested in a list of 100 hand-select CSRD solutions then check out our CSRD Solution Finder here.

If you are interested and motivated to understand the reporting by yourself these “free” GPTs could be of great help for you. Please note that the GPTs are free, but you will still have to subscribe to OpenAIs premium service to use them.

A list of GPTs that offer help with the CSRD

This abstract explores some GPTs that might be able to support companies in their CSRD journey.

(Click on the names to get to a more detailed overview).

  1. CSRD Expert
  2. CSRD Advisor
  3. CSRD Chat
  4. CSRD Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive
  5. CSRD Navigator
  6. CSRD ESRS ESR SDG explained
  7. ESG Insight in the CSRD approach to ESG reporting
  8. EU CSRD and CSDDD compliance advisor
  9. CSRD Expert
  10. CSRD Taxonomy expert
  11. ESRS advisor
  12. ESRS expert
  13. Sustainable Material Analyst
  14. Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism CBAM Wizard
  15. CBAM Assistant
  16. Ubrich ESG Reporting Assistant
  17. ESG Assessment Tool

Hopefully this research is helpful to you. If you made any experiences with these GPT please reach out to us. We are collecting feedback for a more qualitative review.

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