What is satellite-powered supply chain monitoring?

What is satellite-powered supply chain monitoring?

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The EU Deforestation Regulation (EUDR) is raising the bar for sustainability managers in several key industries. This regulation cracks down on deforestation linked to products like palm oil, soy, and beef. Companies must now prove their products are not contributing to forest loss, requiring stricter supply chain monitoring and verification. The EUDR demands origin traceability and a guarantee that products are not sourced from deforested areas. To comply, companies need to adopt robust due diligence measures, demonstrating their commitment to environmental responsibility and sustainable practices.

Satellite-Enabled IoT and Supply Chain Monitoring

One of the game-changing solutions in this arena is satellite-enabled IoT technology, which is transforming supply chain management. It provides operators with enhanced visibility and control, allowing for real-time monitoring of assets. This improves supply chain efficiency and reduces risks associated with operations. By leveraging satellite connectivity, companies can track the movement of goods, monitor environmental conditions, and ensure regulatory compliance, even in remote areas. This heightened level of transparency and data accuracy facilitates more informed decision-making, leading to supply chain optimization.

Real-Time Monitoring and Asset Tracking

Satellite-powered supply chain monitoring is revolutionizing communication across supply chains by providing seamless connectivity from production to delivery. It enables real-time tracking and data sharing, which enhances transparency and efficiency in logistics operations. This technology supports various industries by ensuring reliable communication in remote areas, optimizing route planning, and improving overall supply chain management.

Environmental Monitoring and Global Supply Chain Resilience

Satellites play a crucial role in monitoring environmental conditions, ensuring compliance, and facilitating swift responses to disruptions. This boosts the resilience and performance of global supply chains. With the ability to monitor environmental conditions, companies can ensure their products are deforestation-free, thereby meeting EUDR standards. In this way, satellite-powered supply chain monitoring is not just a tool for efficiency and risk reduction, but a key component in the pursuit of sustainability and environmental responsibility.


As the world continues to grapple with the effects of climate change, the need for sustainable business practices is more pressing than ever. "What is satellite-powered supply chain monitoring?" is no longer just a question, but a potential solution to a global problem. By embracing this technology, companies can ensure compliance with regulations like the EUDR, optimize their operations, and contribute to a more sustainable future.

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