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A quick introduction into the CBAM

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All companies importing any of the following goods “aluminium, iron and steel, cement, fertiliser, electricity, and hydrogen” for a value of 150€ or more must fulfil the CBAM reporting obligations.

Here are two interviews dealing with the topic.

How will CBAM develop? With Gabriel Rozenberg.
Get ready for CBAM - with Nick Ogilvie
All you need to know about CBAM with Marius Sprenger

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Here is a list of free material

CO2 IQ CBAM Exposure Calculator for CBAM Emissions, Penalties and Costs
Through this calculator, you can calculate: - the embedded emissions from imported goods - Today’s CBAM penalties for unreported emissions - Future CBAM costs through carbon levy on imported goods
Redshaw EU-CBAM-guide
The document provides a comprehensive reference guide to the EU Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM). It offers step-by-step instructions on how to comply with CBAM, covering topics such as registration, measurement and reporting of emissions, and calculation methodologies for different types of goods. By reading this guide, you can learn about: The basics of CBAM and its compliance requirements. The roles and responsibilities of different parties involved in CBAM, such as importers and customs representatives. How to measure and report embedded emissions for both simple and complex goods. The impact of CBAM on countries like Türkiye and how they are responding. The services offered by Redshaw Advisors to help businesses navigate CBAM compliance. This information is valuable for businesses importing goods into the EU that fall under CBAM, as well as anyone interested in understanding the mechanism and its implications.
CBAM Reports & Consulting CBAM key principles
This links informs you about the CBAM mechanism, CN codes, green-house gases, and emission types.
CO2 IQ CBAM Goods Check for CN Code Review
Through this link you can check here whether your import portfolio is affected by the EU Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM) and whether CO2 reporting is required.
CO2 IQ Carbon Price Radar for Countries with Carbon Pricing Policies by Sector
The Co2 price radar gives you an overview of the carbon prices around the world.

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