The Green Claims Directive

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A quick introduction into the Green Claims

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The EU will ban:
- generic environmental claims on products without proof
- claims that a product has a neutral, reduced or positive impact on the environment because the producer is offsetting emissions
- sustainability labels that are not based on approved certification schemes or established by public authorities

Here are two interviews dealing with the topic.

Tackling Greenwashing - with Megan Thudium

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EU Eco Lable
This is an informational page of the EU about their Eco Lable.
Dazzle Green Claims Directive
The guide provides a comprehensive overview of the EU's upcoming Green Claims Directive, aimed at combating greenwashing and ensuring the transparency and credibility of environmental claims made by businesses. Key takeaways from the guide include: The directive's purpose is to prohibit misleading environmental claims and require businesses to substantiate their claims with scientific evidence. The directive applies to various claims, such as "biodegradable," "climate neutral," and "eco-friendly." Businesses must ensure their claims are supported by robust evidence, verified by independent bodies, and communicated transparently. The directive emphasizes the importance of life-cycle assessments (LCAs) in evaluating a product's environmental impact throughout its entire lifecycle. The guide offers practical tips for businesses to navigate the directive's requirements, including conducting LCAs, communicating transparently, and continuously improving sustainability performance. By reading this guide, you can learn: The importance of the Green Claims Directive in addressing greenwashing concerns. The specific requirements businesses must meet to comply with the directive. Practical strategies for businesses to effectively communicate their sustainability efforts and build consumer trust. The role of life-cycle assessments in evaluating and improving environmental performance. The opportunities and challenges associated with the directive for businesses at different stages of their sustainability journey. Overall, the guide equips businesses with the knowledge and tools needed to navigate the Green Claims Directive successfully and contribute to a more sustainable future.
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