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A quick introduction into the EU Taxonomy

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Large public-interest companies already subject to the NFRD
Report in 2025 about 2024
All large companies that are not presently subject to the NFRD, meeting two out of three CSRD criteria:
a) on average 250+ employees,
b) balance sheet of EUR 25,000,000+,
c) net turnover of EUR 50,000,000+
Report in 2026 about 2025
Listed SMEs and other undertakings
Report in 2027 or 2028 about 2026
International companies with branch or subsidiary in the EU that has over 150M euro in turnover.
Report 2029 about 2028
Financial market participants, including occupational pension providers, that offer and distribute financial products in the EU (including those from outside the EU)

Here are two interviews dealing with the topic.

From Gender Equality to EU Taxonomy - with Dr. Julia Hiltscher
How do EU Taxonomy and the CSRD relate? - With Joana Belo Pereira

Here is a list of answer

Here is a list of free material

European Commission EU Taxonomy Navigator
The EU Taxonomy Navigator is a user-friendly website that offers a series of online tools to help users better understand the EU Taxonomy in a simple and practical manner, ultimately facilitating its implementation and supporting companies in their reporting obligations. The EU Taxonomy Navigator offers four tools to help you navigate the EU Taxonomy.
European Commission Taxonomy User Guide
Click in Menu point 4 to get to the user guide.
Envoria EU Taxonomy Visual Guide
By reading "Envoria EU Taxonomy Visual Guide", you will get a concise overview of the EU Taxonomy, including which companies are required to report, the timeline for implementation, the six environmental objectives, and how economic activities are classified as sustainable. This visual guide will help you quickly grasp the key concepts and implications of the EU Taxonomy for businesses.
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South pole_EU_Taxonomy_and_Biodiversity_EN

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